injection guidelines

How to inject PROLARYN

Each prefilled syringe contains 1.0 cc of PROLARYN GEL or PROLARYN PLUS. When opening the foil pouch, the presence of several drops of water or moisture is normal and should be expected. The contents of the syringe are intended for single use only and cannot be resterilized or stored for future use once the pouch is opened.1,2

These statements are to provide
general guidance but
are not a substitute for appropriate clinical judgment
and medical training.

Injecting PROLARYN GEL or PROLARYN PLUS for vocal fold augmentation can be performed either in your office or in an outpatient hospital surgical suite. There is minimal preparation or mixing; PROLARYN GEL and PROLARYN PLUS are supplied in a ready-to-use 1.0-cc syringe with 2 types of injection needles.1,2

2 procedure options

Transoral vocal fold injection

Percutaneous vocal fold injection


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